WordPress Social Ring 1.1.9 – No more meta tags

WordPress Social Ring 1.1.9 – No more meta tags There are three minor changes in this version. 1 – A small fix on margins to have buttons properly separated. 2 – The option page has been moved to Settings->Social Network. 3 – There’s no more OpenGraph meta generation. Many users reported issues with Facebook Share and Facebook Like due to... Continua »
ottobre 19, 2012 / 5

WordPress Social Ring 1.1.2 – Shortcode

Versions 1.0.x allowed users to place Google, Facebook and Twitter buttons before or after post content. Version 1.1.0 introduced a template tag which can be used inside the theme to show buttons on a custom position. Now the choice has been completed with a shortcode: you can show social buttons... Continua »
dicembre 6, 2011 / 76

WordPress Social Ring 1.1: template tag and social widget

After the official launch three months ago and some minor releases to adjust previous bugs, the first major named 1.1 has finally come. This new version adds two new functions: a template tag and a widget. The first one allows you to place social buttons in a custom position.... Continua »
dicembre 5, 2011 / 12